Always lock your box…….

Ok. So… Ferrets… Little balls of furry mischief… No that’s not a strong enough word… Pure terrors may be more correct… Anyways I happen to be owned by three of them. They are sneaky little buggers who trick you… Like when you are in the kitchen cooking supper and you suddenly hear CRASH!!! BANG!!! squeeks of glee follow… Naturally….

Seems I have left my floss boxes open, tricked into thinking that all three were asleep (I did check to make sure this was true about 5 minutes before the “incident”). The results of which caused some creative exploitive languange to spew from the kitchen while I rushed to wipe my hands clean and calm myself from the minor heart attack caused from the sudden unexpected noise.

Little f&#(@%g buggers is all I can manage to say as I walk around the corner to see pretty much the entire floss collection scattered across the living room floor.

I then have to spend the next three hours reorganizing it all…

And people ask why I say I can never get anything done… This is why…


They are a lot of fun most days though.


5 thoughts on “Always lock your box…….

  1. Oh dear. A lesson learned 🙂

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  2. Artnunymiss says:

    Ha ha!! Little stinkers!

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  3. Wham brand boxes snap closed and stand up to three boys playing league in the house.

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  4. Caine says:

    My sympathies, I have rats.

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  5. claire93 says:

    lol I have just acquired two kittens and already have 2 adult cats – same problem ^^


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