Slow progress

Definatelt didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked to. But any progress on this beast is a good day.




The “antique violet” next to the brown has me a little worried. I was unable to find a picture of this piece completed. But it does actually look like a muted grey when under certain lighting. I have decided I’m going to continue until I know for sure if the pattern works or not.

I’m really on a Christmas rampage right now. This is one of two large Christmas pieces I am working on. I will start showing the other one as soon as I can get the fabric that I want. Can’t seem to find 22 count aida cloth anywhere near large enough around here locally so I guess I will have to order online which is kind of sad because I was looking forward to starting it this past weekend…

Pattern printed…. Check,

All threads purchased and organized… Check,

Fabric purchased… Ughhhh I hate waiting for stuff to come in the mail…

On another note the threads for “Christmas magic” are all ones I had lying around from a few years ago when I bought the entire anchor thread collection. It’s nice to be able to use them up as most places here now are carrying dmc. May have to order 1 or 2 skeins of certain colors to complete it but I’m very happy I didn’t have to buy them all.

So right now I have “Christmas Magic” started.


I am itching to start “Christmas Presence” but this is the one I need to get fabric for… From HAED…


gonna stitch up some cute little owls for Christmas cards as well


May be biting off more than I can handle but it will keep me busy at least…

Happy stitching!!!!

2 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. Marion says:

    Good luck with Christmas Presence it looks very in depth and hard work but look forward to seeing your progress once you get started lol


    • Thank you Marion it is a big undertaking regarding. I haven’t done anything this complicated in years but it’s on par with “Christmas magic” in terms of confetti lol. You can’t tell from the posted pictures but there are actually 3 different shades of brown and 2 different shades of the antique violet in just the like 2 -3 inches I have done. I’m not expecting to have either of them completed any time soon.


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