Show off your backside!!!

I come from a long line of stitchers in my family. Therefore, it’s not completely uncommon when handed a piece of embroidery to say oh… That’s beautiful… And then flip it over to look at the back. I must say that I don’t always pay close attention to the back although I try to be conscious of what’s going on back there as to not have any knots or loose threads.

I am particularly pleased with the way this piece is working up so far although the colors have me a bit worried for the accuracy.

So here’s my backside… So far anyways…


Progress on this beast has been slow at best but maybe I might have it done in a few years.



11 thoughts on “Show off your backside!!!

  1. Marion says:

    I remember learning embroidery at school and doing sewing with my mum and was always told the back should look as good as the front – no pressure lol


    • I took embroidery in school as well marion. Sadly we didn’t focus much on counted cross stitch as we did free hand embroidery and free motion machine embroidery.

      My grandmother did teach me to have the same stitches on the back as on the front. I have some of her pieces and they are identical on both sides. This large piece is going to be professionally framed if I ever get it done so I’m more worried that its not “lumpy” when blocked and matted. Nobody but myself and of course you wonderful folks will ever see the back lol


  2. My backside improved once I started following the “carry threads no more than 3 stitches” rule, and I weave the ends vertically rather than horizontally.


    • I never skip more than two stiches at a time. That was our rule when in school. I have been preoccupied with work and sewing projects so it has been quite a while since I had time to work on a piece this large. I think I just need to hire an assistant to start and end all my threads for me so I don’t have to worry about it hahaha


      • Wouldn’t that be nice? You’d think with a family history like mine (a great aunt even has textile pieces in our national museum) I would have learnt these things as a child but it’s all as an adult.


      • I have a series (about 7 episodes) of when my grandmother taught embroidery for a tv series. They are very dear to my heart. She was the first to get me (as a young boy) into fiber crafts.

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  3. That is very cool to have


  4. lbick says:

    I’ve heard that about the backs looking as good as the front. I’m not sure mine look “as good”, but not bad.
    I’m sure you will pick up speed when you are finished with the “boring browns” that happens to me a lot. I have a piece I’ve been working on for about ten years now (if you don’t count the years I haven’t touched it it’s only been 2 lol)
    Yours is looking great


    • It is possible to work a double sided stitch so the piece is basically reversable but 1.) I don’t think that’s necessary if it’s going to be framed and 2.) I don’t have enough patience to do that 😜

      I’m sure you will complete your stitching when the time is right. I put a few large pieces away and got lost doing other projects for years but it’s exciting to dig them out later and finish them. I thinks it’s just because you spend so much time looking at them and making sure everything is as perfect as you can get it that you need to take a break.

      Although ten years… I would have had that lost by now. I’m horrible at keeping things organized that I put away for long time periods


      • lbick says:

        I agree since most of my stuff is framed.
        That is one of the reasons it has taken me so long. I put it away in a “safe place” and then forgot where it was lol
        I know I’ll finish it some day 😀

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  5. Aimee says:

    Yours are much better than mine! I cannot keep mine neat. The piece I’m currently working on was doing well at the start, but since I’ve put it down and picked it up a few times the backside has returned to a mess of threads and lumps. Some knots just don’t want to come out… and I keep forgetting which way to work my stitches. Bah! Still, like you said, if it’s going to be framed, it doesn’t matter too much.

    Also, may I just say, kudos for doing what you’re doing! I’d find the browns a bit mind-numbing after a while. I find that I have to switch colours regularly or else I hit a wall. I’m enjoying seeing your progress updates!


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