New year. Second start

So I haven’t posted since 2015. There also hasn’t been much progress on “Christmas magic” either. Between life and other obligations I’ve had very little time for stitching and I have to say it has been missed. So on that note here we go again.

Christmas magic… take two… I have officially made it to the second page and my reservations about the colours and how well the patterns were converted have been totally washed away. I’m excited to get to some of the brighter reds and other colours so here we go!!!


3 thoughts on “New year. Second start

  1. is that a HAED? It does take a while with bigger projects to get the effect of the colours, it’s looking good 🙂


    • I was thinking the same thing when I pulled it out of the box again that it was one from heaven and earth designs but when I checked the pattern it is actually from Artecy. When I manage to get through this one I think my next will be from HAED. I love both Companies😁


  2. It reminded me of an HAED also. It is looking great!


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