SAL Update!!!

Ok so santa’s face was a pain in the *%# but I finally got through the page. There are two colours that I ran out of half way through and so now I have to wait for them to come before I can finish that page. So instead of waiting (because I have no patience at all) I have moved on to the last couple pages for this top row.

As for having to replace the threads it’s not the end of the world although a little annoying because I have learned that those last few stitches on a page really do make all the difference when “pulling it together” as a whole picture.

Years before this project was even on the horizon. And when Walmart actually had a half decent craft selection (don’t even get me started on this topic!) I went and bought the entire collection of Anchor floss. The poor girl at the checkout…. I will never forget the look on her face when she realized that they all had different UPC codes so would have to be scanned individually. Sadly, since that time Walmart has phased out most of their craft section except for small kits. Leaving me with nowhere local to replace the achor threads as they ran out. 

I have since then switched to dmc which is more available here. However, I refuse to mix the two brands so I’m stuck with having to find places to order anchor threads online and wait for them to come… 

hence good old Chris Cringle is gonna have to wait to have this part of his face completed.

I was getting very discourage about halfway through the “face page” because the confetti stitches were just insane. And the picture doesn’t do justice to how many “whites” there are in the fur band of his hat. White, off-white, pale pink and blue, shades of grey and green. It was endless…

But I couldn’t be happier with the way it is turning out.

I am one of those lucky people that have a bit of time to stitch at home but I work night shifts which are very slow so I tend to get much more done while “working” than I do at home.

I have one more column of 11 stitches before I have finally come to the end of this first row of pages. Only the very bottom of these last pages does it start to get back into the picture details so I’m going to work my way down through them all at once. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter and plenty of time to stitch and spend with family!!!

I’ve been taking a look at the page updates and everyone’s work is moving along so quickly. 

These are a great group of stitchers so head over and check out their progress and other work since the last update. There’s always something to get your imagination going or maybe even something you would like to try yourself. 

I’m doing this update from my phone which hates hyperlinks so it may not work. I will fix this when I get back to my computer😁
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Watch out for this incurable problem…

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta today announced the identification of a new disease. Tentatively named Acquired Needlework Syndrome, the disease is highly infectious. Scientists at CDC say the disease is caused by a bacillus called staphloaiguille because its needle-like shape. Under the microscope, the bacillus is long and slender with a long narrow opening at one end, from which trail thread-like cilia. 

Symptoms of the disease include feverish babbling of letters such as DMC, TW, PR, LOL, ROFL and talking about invisible friends such as Teresa, Laura, Paula, Robert, Karen, etc. At first sufferers appear to be taking an unusual interest in Verdi operas, while more advanced cases develop wanderlust, especially wishing to travel to Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast. Other symptoms include feverish buying and storing of woven goods and printed pamphlets, and a “smoking” credit card. 

The disease is especially dangerous because it cannot only be passed along directly from one infected individual to another, but documented cases have been found where the sufferer caught the disease from reading a magazine, attending a craft show, or chatting on internet forums. 

The CDC says that while the disease is especially prevalent in North America, cases have been found in every country on the planet. Family members should be aware that while the disease may occasionally enter remission, it is at present — TOTALLY INCURABLE. 

The patient should be given a quiet corner with a comfortable chair and good lighting. Interruptions should be minimized at all costs!


Does anyone else have to stop themselves from starting something new?

I have 2 more designs from HAED that I’m itching to start but I’m really trying to finish this beast before I start another one…

But everything is just there…. in the drawer… waiting to be started…. 

must finish this piece… must finish this piece… Ahhhhhh!!!!

Here’s where I am so far and this page is taking soooooo loooongg!!!

SAL update.

It’s time for the April SAL update.!!!

I haven’t had much time to stitch as things have been busy with work and at home. But I did make progress on this piece.

I have finally made it to adding in some colours that aren’t so muted. It’s hard to believe that there are so many light colours that can make up white when it comes to these types of charts.

It’s never just a simple block of colour with this chart, it is mostly confetti stitching but I’m loving the end result as it’s coming together.

Here is where I am as of last night. (I may have taken a break at work to throw in a few more stitches). Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone😝

I’m on page 3 of 18.!!!! Happy dance!!!! Sadly page 6 which is the last page for the top row is mostly confetti stitching of the background browns.

My hope is that I will be still be as excited to get to the next row that I can just push myself through the annoying page because I know the next row of pages is where the picture is really going to start to come together.
I take a picture each time I finish stitching for the day so I will include a few of those below.

The official finish of page 2.

How do you guys track your progress?

Or do you not track it at all?

I’ve  heard of people using journals to track time, stitches, thread use. I personally prefer to just take a picture each time I finish.

What’s your thoughts on tracking your progress? Do you think this removes some of the creative aspect because you may worry more about the progress?
There are fantastic people in this SAL who everyone should go check out what they are currently working on right now.

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I’m going to sneak around and check out their updates. Happy stitching everyone!!!