Does anyone else have to stop themselves from starting something new?

I have 2 more designs from HAED that I’m itching to start but I’m really trying to finish this beast before I start another one…

But everything is just there…. in the drawer… waiting to be started…. 

must finish this piece… must finish this piece… Ahhhhhh!!!!

Here’s where I am so far and this page is taking soooooo loooongg!!!


10 thoughts on “Ahhh!!!!! 

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Well that seems like a huge amount of progress since the SAL update! If I recall, aren’t the other two projects nearly as beastly? That could be too many beasts running loose…😄


  2. Emma says:

    Oh the joy of huge pieces! I’m actually really scared of starting something that big, I normally stick to 1 page projects. Your doing some great progress though, can’t wait to see more of it!


    • I was the same way. I had to work my way up to start this lol. I used to do one page projects then when I started working nights once upon a time I decided to try one that was 4 pages.

      I saw this current beast “Christmas Magic” and couldn’t resist trying it. It is by far the largest piece I have attempted and I’m too far into it now to let it fall by the wayside.

      The next one I’m going to do is “kindred spirits” from HAED, Full size, max colours, but also happens to be 80 something pages…. maybe I could just hibernate for a year or two till I get them all done lol

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      • Emma says:

        Oh my goodness! 80 pages?! Wow this will be amazing! I should try out a bigger cross stitch project (once I’ve finished my many wips!)


  3. Catherine says:

    I’m not one to give advice on not starting projects I’m afraid! I do find the SAL incredibly useful in helping to keep my focus on a smaller number of projects though! 80 pages though, I think I’d be tempted to mix it up with a smaller one!


  4. Linda Scott says:

    Awesome progress. I love the HAED designs but I only stitch on 14ct aida and they would be just to be big.



    • I am having much the same problem Linda. The piece I’m currently working on is on 22ct and I really love the size and coverage. For the HAED I’m going to be doing I’m either going to have to order something custom or go to a higher count so it doesn’t end up wall-sized lol


  5. Oh yes, fairly often 🙂 Unfortunately, the projects I start tend to go well so I don’t have that arguement against starting them… Just keep plugging away 🙂


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