SAL Update 

So… work and life have gotten in the way of my stitching and if I’m being completely honest it’s making me mad. Every single time I plan to sit down and work on this piece something comes up that interrupts it…

And while I’m on this topic anyways… any of the crafty people will understand that when you’re working on a project it can keep your attention for hours at a time… this means I really don’t want to have to stop what I’m doing every little while to do something for someone else. I’m just about to the point that I’m going to run away and live in a cabin in the woods somewhere that nobody even knows where I am.

I’m sure those of you with children and or pets can relate. And I don’t even have children!!!! I don’t know how you do it!!! Such as right now my pets have had me up three times in the amount of time it took to write this. I’m actually finding it very overwhelming lately…

Anyways onto the important stuff.

My progress so far…

I’m very pleased with my decision to work the last three pages of the top row all at once. I found the background went much quicker this way.

A couple progress pictures along the way:

On a not so light note. One of the members of this sal. Susan over at has had to take a break from the sal and I would like to wish her all the best and a quick recovery. Her stitchy updates will be missed until she returns.
I’m gonna try to fit in a few minutes of stitchy time before bed. So head over to the other members pages and check them out.