Quick update. SAL

I don’t think I’m going to make my deadline of Christmas with this one but I’m still stitching along.

The last page was a nightmare of confetti but I think that was the worst page in the pattern so I’m happy it’s done. This next one seems to be going a bit faster.

I’m on overnights for the weekend so I will have time to stitch and check out all your lovely projects. I’m sorry I haven’t been that active in the group lately, things have been kinda crazy in every possible way this summer.

Happy stitching all😁


SAL update!!! 😜

Hey everyone.

So happy to welcome Heidi and Connie to the SAL. The more the merrier!!! Enjoy, it’s a great group of supportive people with fantastic ideas and suggestions.

On to my update.

I am determined to have this beast finished by Christmas so I have been spending a bit more time stitching than usual lately.

In the last update I was working on the little girl in the picture it was a bit of a nightmare but I have a feeling this entire row of pages is not going to be quick going. There is a bit of “sparkly Christmas magic” across this entire row so we will just have to see how it goes.

So without further delay…

It has become painfully clear that hair, fur, and clothing have waaaayyyyy too many colours but it makes for an amazing finish. You don’t realize how many colours you would never think of using are actually in it.

All the light blues, pinks, and greens, combine to form what in real life would just be considered white. I’m really enjoying the process of watching each stitch complete the piece more and more.

Below are a few of the progress pictures between the last post and this one.

Head over and have a look at what some of the other people in the SAL are working on. I’m about to do the same because i have been seriously lacking at it this summer so far.

happy stitching everyone!!!.