Sal update

Hey everyone, time for another stitchy update. And I’m so happy with this one.

I’ve been a busy little stitcher the last couple weeks. Here’s where I picked up from after the last update:

Getting closer…

And finally after a couple hours of stitching confetti…

A page finish!!!! Woot woot!!!

I’m so excited to finally have found the corner of his storybook!!!

I had someone ask me earlier this week about the scissors I use and realized I haven’t shared it here so…

I swear these are the best scissors I have ever used. Incredibly sharp. (I drilled a small hole in the handle to hold the charms) 😜 they are made by Fiskars. They also make the small collapsable ones so if you’re afraid of the sharp tips on these there’s another option.

I also use a larger version of these for cutting fabric when sewing. They are spring loaded so help with your hands getting tired when cutting large pieces.

That’s my little rant for this update. Time for my shameless puppy plug…

In between bouts of rain we still managed to get out for a little walk this morning.

Head over and check out the other fabulous artists involved in the SAL. All amazing people and are working on some great projects.


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Sal update “Christmas Magic”

Oh so happy to have made progress on this, finished the first page of the last row and put a good dent in the second page. much to my surprise the page had the largest part of the same colour that I have come across so far. The excitement of this being finished is starting to get me motivated to get to the end.

Here’s where I started off at after the last update:

I had some time on my hands the last few weeks so I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done. Normally I take a picture every few hours because I’m planning on putting them all together in a slide show when it’s finished. But I got lost in the stitching a bit so there’s a few pictures that are “missing”

Here’s where I am now:

If I can keep up this pace it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s done.

Guess who is spending the day stitching with the puppy? …. like how I just worked him into that? I can’t resist …

We get to walk in some beautiful places so most mornings we hop out of bed and go for a 2.5km walk through a park close to our home.

We went through a whole teething nightmare for about the last three weeks where his baby teeth got really brittle which meant little needle teeth for a few weeks. 😡 there were some unhappy cats and humans till they fell out. And a few we had to hold him down to pull them they were causing him some discomfort.

I have to say adult teeth are wonderful when your dog is “all-mouth-all-the-time” lol.

That’s my little rant for this time.

Take some time to stop by my fellow artisans and check out their amazing projects. Pssss… check out their bios as well they lead some very interesting lives😁


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