Sal update.

It has been a rough little while here so I haven’t been spending much time stitching.

Wednesday night at 4am my sweet little baby girl took her last breath. We knew it was time and she spent the day curled up in bed with me until the end. She passed peacefully in her sleep. The other two boys have said their goodbyes. Her bonded mate is missing her terribly and has now taken over her cuddle position. 
Diagnosed with adrenal and insuloma at the age of two she still managed to live a long and happy life with me until she was almost 8.
You will be forever missed my baby girl. Daddy loves you always💜

As for my update. I’m not nearly as far along as I would like to be. But here it is.

Links to follow.


Quick update. SAL

I don’t think I’m going to make my deadline of Christmas with this one but I’m still stitching along.

The last page was a nightmare of confetti but I think that was the worst page in the pattern so I’m happy it’s done. This next one seems to be going a bit faster.

I’m on overnights for the weekend so I will have time to stitch and check out all your lovely projects. I’m sorry I haven’t been that active in the group lately, things have been kinda crazy in every possible way this summer.

Happy stitching all😁

SAL update!!! 😜

Hey everyone.

So happy to welcome Heidi and Connie to the SAL. The more the merrier!!! Enjoy, it’s a great group of supportive people with fantastic ideas and suggestions.

On to my update.

I am determined to have this beast finished by Christmas so I have been spending a bit more time stitching than usual lately.

In the last update I was working on the little girl in the picture it was a bit of a nightmare but I have a feeling this entire row of pages is not going to be quick going. There is a bit of “sparkly Christmas magic” across this entire row so we will just have to see how it goes.

So without further delay…

It has become painfully clear that hair, fur, and clothing have waaaayyyyy too many colours but it makes for an amazing finish. You don’t realize how many colours you would never think of using are actually in it.

All the light blues, pinks, and greens, combine to form what in real life would just be considered white. I’m really enjoying the process of watching each stitch complete the piece more and more.

Below are a few of the progress pictures between the last post and this one.

Head over and have a look at what some of the other people in the SAL are working on. I’m about to do the same because i have been seriously lacking at it this summer so far.

happy stitching everyone!!!.



Sal update….

Things have been crazy between work and family summer stuff but I have managed to cram in a few hours of stitching here and there.

I missed the update last time. Sorry to the people who were watching for it.
Here’s my current progress… if I’m lucky I will manage to have it done by Christmas 😜

Have a look around at the other SAL members they are all working on amazing projects at the moment.

I will post their links below when I’m next to a computer again. Currently camping for the weekend.

Happy stitching everyone!!!



Sal update!!!! 

First off a little side note. I am owned by three beautiful ferrets.

In this picture from the bottom up.

The one on the bottom is Gizmo he is “Dad’s man” (the middle child). He is 7. Sadly in the last little while he has started to show his age. He has problems with his back legs from time to time. He has adrenal disease and insuloma. And is going blind.

The next one up is Taz. She is the oldest at 7.5 years. She has adrenal disease as well. She is still fairly active and quite capable of putting “the boys” in their place when they get too excited. She is “Dad’s Girl” and weighs under a pound. 

The top one is Jasper. He is “Dad’s Boy” and He spent the first year of his life in a pet store in a small rat cage. He was returned three times because he was a “biter”. He was due to be sent back to the breeder for euthanasia. I couldn’t let that happen and realized he was deaf after playing with him for a few minutes. He would bite because people would pick him up from behind and he didn’t know they were there. I’m happy to say that at 4 years old he is happy and healthy, loves to play, and doesn’t bite anymore. He also has adrenal disease and waardenburgh syndrome. Who gives him his flatter head and is equatable to autism in humans. He is the most amazing soul and always makes me laugh.

The adrenal disease requires daily oral medication that is time sensitive so it can be a bit much at times to deal with but I wouldn’t give them up for anything. 

So I have to confess… I’ve been a bad boy. 

I have slowly been getting the supplies together for my next piece. And I finally found a place that carries the fabric I wanted.  So I now have two big projects going. I might be in a little over my head but I just couldn’t wait to start it.

It’s much too big to take back and forth to work with me so Christmas Magic will be my travel piece and Kindred Spirits will be my stay at home project. 

I am still concentrating on my sal piece but it’s nice to have something else to work on every now and then. 

So here is my current update. 

I don’t think I can properly convey how happy I am to finally be starting the next row of pages. I’m not looking forward to the next three pages after this one because it’s very “confetti heavy” but I know it will look amazing in the end.

The official finish of row #1.

For those of you who are interested in my other piece I will be posting the occasional update here as well. 

So… without further ado…. I present this crazy setup for my biggest piece ever…

kindred Spirits

Artwork by Anne Stokes

Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs 

80 pages

89 colours 

And just because I’m lazy and love to stitch in bed. Lol.

This has been a very long post 😜.

Head over and check out the other people in the SAL. They are all amazing crafters and are working on wonderful pieces.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy

SAL Update 

So… work and life have gotten in the way of my stitching and if I’m being completely honest it’s making me mad. Every single time I plan to sit down and work on this piece something comes up that interrupts it…

And while I’m on this topic anyways… any of the crafty people will understand that when you’re working on a project it can keep your attention for hours at a time… this means I really don’t want to have to stop what I’m doing every little while to do something for someone else. I’m just about to the point that I’m going to run away and live in a cabin in the woods somewhere that nobody even knows where I am.

I’m sure those of you with children and or pets can relate. And I don’t even have children!!!! I don’t know how you do it!!! Such as right now my pets have had me up three times in the amount of time it took to write this. I’m actually finding it very overwhelming lately…

Anyways onto the important stuff.

My progress so far…

I’m very pleased with my decision to work the last three pages of the top row all at once. I found the background went much quicker this way.

A couple progress pictures along the way:

On a not so light note. One of the members of this sal. Susan over at has had to take a break from the sal and I would like to wish her all the best and a quick recovery. Her stitchy updates will be missed until she returns.
I’m gonna try to fit in a few minutes of stitchy time before bed. So head over to the other members pages and check them out.


SAL Update!!!

Ok so santa’s face was a pain in the *%# but I finally got through the page. There are two colours that I ran out of half way through and so now I have to wait for them to come before I can finish that page. So instead of waiting (because I have no patience at all) I have moved on to the last couple pages for this top row.

As for having to replace the threads it’s not the end of the world although a little annoying because I have learned that those last few stitches on a page really do make all the difference when “pulling it together” as a whole picture.

Years before this project was even on the horizon. And when Walmart actually had a half decent craft selection (don’t even get me started on this topic!) I went and bought the entire collection of Anchor floss. The poor girl at the checkout…. I will never forget the look on her face when she realized that they all had different UPC codes so would have to be scanned individually. Sadly, since that time Walmart has phased out most of their craft section except for small kits. Leaving me with nowhere local to replace the achor threads as they ran out. 

I have since then switched to dmc which is more available here. However, I refuse to mix the two brands so I’m stuck with having to find places to order anchor threads online and wait for them to come… 

hence good old Chris Cringle is gonna have to wait to have this part of his face completed.

I was getting very discourage about halfway through the “face page” because the confetti stitches were just insane. And the picture doesn’t do justice to how many “whites” there are in the fur band of his hat. White, off-white, pale pink and blue, shades of grey and green. It was endless…

But I couldn’t be happier with the way it is turning out.

I am one of those lucky people that have a bit of time to stitch at home but I work night shifts which are very slow so I tend to get much more done while “working” than I do at home.

I have one more column of 11 stitches before I have finally come to the end of this first row of pages. Only the very bottom of these last pages does it start to get back into the picture details so I’m going to work my way down through them all at once. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter and plenty of time to stitch and spend with family!!!

I’ve been taking a look at the page updates and everyone’s work is moving along so quickly. 

These are a great group of stitchers so head over and check out their progress and other work since the last update. There’s always something to get your imagination going or maybe even something you would like to try yourself. 

I’m doing this update from my phone which hates hyperlinks so it may not work. I will fix this when I get back to my computer😁
Avis,Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy