Starting up again…

Well I kinda fell of the face of the earth for a while. Between problems at work, a move that wasn’t really planned to happen for at least another year. And a new puppy in the house I sort of lost the stitchy bug for a while. Let’s just say I’ve had a bit of time on my hands this last two weeks so I have started again on this beast that seems to be never ending.

We have added a new member to our fuzzy family. Here is Tidus, Alaskan malamute. Or “guts” as I tend to call him.


13 thoughts on “Starting up again…

  1. lbick says:

    Welcome back. Your puppy is adorable!
    Your project is looking great. Looks like your about half way done.


  2. Cute puppy, and delighted to see you agian 🙂


  3. Welcome back to blogging 🙂 Does this mean you’d like to get back to the SAL as well? You’re puppy is gorgeous!!


  4. kathyreeves says:

    Glad that life is settling a little for you. The puppy is adorable, his feet look pretty big…you will have a lot of walking/running in your future!😄 That cross stitch is really coming along, I’m glad you are inspired to work on it again!


  5. Catherine says:

    Life sometimes just gets in the way. This piece is huge, but it is looking great. And you have a very adorable distraction there!

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  6. craftycreeky says:

    Your puppy looks gorgeous, he’ll certainly keep you busy! Glad to see Father Christmas again, he’s looking great 🙂


  7. Welcome back Timothy and welcome to Tidus too. I have missed seeing Santa taking shape so will look forward to seeing more, and don’t give up home. It took me almost 13 years to finish Gracious Era, but I did finish thanks to this wonderful group and I know you will too.


  8. thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement. this is by far the greatest group I am a part of. you’re all amazing people, i can’t wait to see what you have all been working on!!!


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